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why us ?

We are a pool of highly skilled and trained professionals. Our technology solutions are built keeping your current IT infrastructure in mind. W2minfosys Pvt. Ltd. offers a fully managed service for top level domain name registration, web site designing, web hosting, web programming, application development, ecommerce, graphics designing, logo designing, prints and layouts, IT consultancy, search engine optimization, flash animation.

We are passionate about helping clients succeed in delivering business value through cost effective, sustainable and scalable software.

W2minfosys Pvt. Ltd. has a proven track record of providing custom application development and maintenance services to its clients. W2minfosys Pvt. Ltd. development teams have the ability to understand the business processes and record them. Our technical consulting team members are experts in building large enterprise systems and implementing the strategic solutions using various software platforms available in the market. Over the years, W2minfosys Pvt. Ltd. has acquired domain knowledge in an extensive range of technologies. And addressed technology needs of companies across diverse industries. A unique business requires unique business solution which is very different from the common on-the-shelf products. Bespoke application and custom software enables the organization to achieve common business objectives through unique business processes. Our Application Development service runs through various stages before it presented to the clients. It comprises of the following:

Software Requirements Analysis

- Systems Design

- Application Development

- Application Testing

- Release and Maintenance

We compliment the urgent need of the hour changes to our client’s new management processes and service delivery approaches to maintain and evolve their application portfolio. We have well documented standardized processes in place to execute the application maintenance task.


Market Research

A market study is made to identify a potential customer’s need. This process is also known as market research. Here, the already existing need and the possible and potential needs that are available in a segment of the society are studied carefully.

Designing & Development

Reducing a design to code may be the most obvious part of the software engineering job, but it is not necessarily the largest portion.

Deliver & Manage

Putting the project through its paces, testing and tweaking until every piece functions smoothly. On budget and according to your timeline Your team can count on ours for training, maintenance, upgrades and support..

We use powerful tools for development

Our Service:

  • Mobile Application .
  • Software Development.
  • Website Design.
  • SEO.
  • E-Commerce Solution.
  • Windows Hosting.
  • Linux Hosting.
  • Domain Registration.
  • Portal Development.